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Jan 9th 2024 Click on Picture


My God My Queen
Performed by B-Pac

Written BY: UnaVerSoul KING

New Urban Latin Song

Terry Davis A.K.A. UnaVerSoul KING

The roots of UnaVerSoul KING’s artistry dates to the early 2000s, when he would perform remixes to songs, he’d written on the local music scene. A true champion
of authentic expression and a visionary. With a keen awareness of world culture, and its effect on
music; even his stage name pays homage to his diverse ancestral background as well as the
legendary rap duo UnderGround Kingz (UGK). As a multi-talented artist (songwriter, producer,
performer, painter), UnaVerSoul KING has mastered the ability to tell stories in a myriad of art
forms and from different viewpoints, UnaVerSoul KING has earned his status as an OG in the game.
Raised by a single mother in an impoverished community in Chattanooga, TN, the young visionary
often drew on the blank canvas of his mind, using the internal wellspring to imagine life as he vividly
colored it. In elementary school, he played the beat drum in band and began penning poetry. As he
got older, he transformed the words from his poems into lyrics after a coworker started a record
label. While the imprint eventually dissolved, his passion for creating never wavered.
Growing up, the Chattanooga, TN native was heavily influenced by the early sounds of southern
artists, particularly those from Atlanta, GA. The diversity of the Georgia artists and their sounds
sparked an interest in the UnaVerSoul King to create and promote talent in his hometown. He
developed his musical ear by studying icons in multiple genres and eras. From James Brown, Dolly
Parton, Stevie Wonder and Charlie Pride, to Lionel Richie, Prince, Babyface, Dallas Austin, Teddy
Riley, R. Kelly, Dr. Dre and Kanye West. UnaVerSoul KING was also inspired by his brother, a
professional DJ for over 30 years who broke the records of many R&B and hip-hop acts in
Chattanooga including industry pioneers like Outkast, DJ Smurf, Raheem da Dream, T.I. and
UnaVerSoul KING continues to write songs, describing his relatable content, which usually comes to
him in the form of dreams, conversations and the televised platform. Some of his content can be
described as simple yet intentional with emotional triggers to make listeners think. As a producer,
he is heavy on incorporating live instrumentation into his beats, preferring to capture the energy of
musicians over sampled sounds. The outcome is quality music that radiates positive vibrations of
unity, love and happiness. UnaVerSoul KING has been working with a Rwandan hip-hop artist since
2019, lending his songwriting expertise. The duo composed a magical song called “My God My
Queen,” which references the continent Africa being God and the African woman being the Queen.
He also collaborated on a track, “Papi Chulo-Give It to Me,” with Costa Rican fitness brand Latin
Feel. UnaVerSoul KING is also the author of two Kindle e-books for children that have been well-
received on Amazon. And his success is no surprise. Having Rick Barker (Taylor Swift’s former
manager) as a mentor, is evidence that when two great people work together, great things happen.
Much like his astrological water sign ruled by Neptune, UnaVerSoul KING is a fluid being. He moves
with strength and purpose. Like the currents that carry his sign there is no way to predict where his
gifts will take him, but rest assured that wherever he goes, room will be made to accommodate his
level of genius.

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